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Shannon Daykin

Nationally Accredited Mediator and Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Shannon has vast experience in the area of family law and, as an Accredited Family Law Specialist and Solicitor, is only too aware of the impact that the litigation process can have on families, both emotionally and financially.

Shannon is a leading family lawyer and Director of Daykin Family Law, a Brisbane-based specialist firm practising in all areas of family law. As a Mediator, Shannon is committed to helping families resolve their disputes amicably and stay out of the Court process.  Shannon is also the President of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland, having served on this Board in various capacities over the last 10 years.


Disputes can take their toll, affecting your personal life, your family, your work and your mental health.  The time and costs involved with legal battles can appear insurmountable.  But we believe that most disputes can be resolved, with impartial, independent support that can help you to avoid the Court process.

Finding the right mediator to trust can be daunting. At Daykin Mediation, we pride ourselves on transparency, honesty and compassion, offering a respectful mediation process undertaken by an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Mediation is a cost-effective process that encourages the outcome of a win-win resolution for both parties within a short space of time, at a cost that is comparatively low.  At Daykin Mediation, we offer fixed fee mediation services within 35kms of Brisbane, so you know exactly what to expect, from start to finish.  If you would prefer, we can also suggest some meeting venues in Brisbane CBD with ample facilities for your mediation.

  • Half Day Session

  • $1650 inc. GST
  • Half day mediation session with both parties from 9:30am-1pm or 1:30pm-5pm.

  • Full Day Session

  • $2750 inc. GST
  • Full day mediation session with both parties from 9:30am – 5pm.

  • Additional Time

  • $520 inc. GST
  • A fixed price per hour for additional consultation time.

  • FDR Invitation

  • $150 inc. GST
  • Issue of invitation to FDR, follow-up letter and/or Section 60l certificate, if requested.


Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions on mediation and family dispute resolution.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a conflict resolution process which allows people going through a separation or divorce to come to a a mediation solution, with the assistance of a neutral third party who is skilled to facilitate the process.  There may be cases where you have tried endlessly to reach a compromise however you still cannot come to a resolution on issues regarding your property, children or money. Mediation is a facilitated process to help solve these differences, saving you time, frustration, money and stress.

How do I know if mediation is right for me?

Daykin Mediation is for parents, in-tact couples, separated couples or other family members needing professional assistance to help resolve conflict and stress in a negotiation. Each person within the conflict is able to speak openly with an independent and objective facilitator guiding the process, allowing for the identification of key issues and generation of options to reach negotiation and agreement.


We can assist you to resolve your parenting, property settlement, spousal maintenance, child support or grandparent/wider family dispute or any other aspects of a family law dispute.


When should I consider mediation?

Usually the earlier you consider mediation, the higher the likelihood you are to succeed in resolving your dispute resulting in less of a financial and emotional burden, especially if the negotiation involves children. Whether you are in the early process of negotiation or have already began court proceedings, the benefits of mediation as a dispute resolution method should be given serious consideration. If you and your former partner or family member cannot come to an agreement on some issues or through lawyer negotiations, mediation should be considered as a next step.

What does a mediator do?

A mediator is essentially tasked to facilitate a negotiated outcome that is satisfactory to both participating parties. There may be a cross-over with mediators also being practicing lawyers, and they may use this knowledge to guide discussions, however mediators do not provide legal advice.

Is mediation confidential?

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner is required to keep all mediation confidential. There are exceptions to this rule, such as where you have provided consent, or in circumstances where it disclosure is necessary to prevent protection such as to prevent a serious threat to someone’s life and health, child abuse, or the commission of a crime. As part of the process, you can otherwise let the mediator know what information you wish for them to keep private from the other party.

How long does mediation usually take?

Mediation is generally a full day process, commencing at 9.30am and concluding around 5pm.  However, some mediations require a longer timeframe and we can facilitate extra time where it is agreed.


How much does mediation cost?

At Daykin Mediation, we offer half day and full day mediations, to suit your needs. Please note, most parties agree to divide the costs of mediation and pay equally.

Our prices are outlined below:
Half day (9:30am – 1pm): $1,650 inc. GST
Full day (9:30am – 5pm): $2,750 inc. GST
Additional time: $520 inc. GST
Issuing an invitation(s) and/or Section 60I certificate, if requested: $150 inc. GST

We also offer half day mediations, which are generally more suited to discrete issues or as a follow up to a full day mediation if needed.

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